Detailed Specifications

Simple and safe:

The innovative clip clamps at least 20 folded banknotes tightly and safely.

The banknotes are held firmly but without damage when clamped by the clip.

Card holder is designed for bank cards, credit cards, driving license-cards and all other cards with the same measures. (ISO 7810)

Clamps on both sides retain up to 5 cards safely.

Cards can be taken out easily with a flick of the thumb.


Small and handy:


height: 13 mm
width: 84 mm
depth: 54 mm

weight: 92 gr

Only 1.3 cm high, it fits easily in any trouser pocket.

This high-quality product consists of a special sturdy and stainless metal which is virtually indestructible and retains the tension perfectly. We don’t use low-quality materials like aluminum or plastic.



Each innoClip is delivered in a precious gift box, inside a padded envelope. 


Further questions?

How long does shipping take?

Your moneyclip will be sent on the second working day at the latest. Our product is sent from Germany. 


Which types of money clip are available?

The money clip is available both chrome-plated and gold-plated, engraving optional. 


How does the moneyclip differ from similar products?

The innoClip consists of high-quality metal alloy. It is not a cheap plastic or sheet metal product.


On the picture the color seems to be varying.

That depends on the exposure to light.


How durable is this money clip?

The innoClip is almost indestructible. Even dropping it doesn’t cause damage.


Can I store coins in it? 

No, the innoClip is perfectly designed for storing bank notes and cards only.


I have been using the money clip for some time and it has lost tension. 

Simply fold up the clip and then press down for about 30 seconds. Thereafter the tension will be like new. 


Can we get money clips with our company's logo on it?

We offer custom logo printing, including color logos, for a minimum order of 100 items. For lower quantities, we would have to invoice additional charge. Please contact us to discuss pricing and options.


I had a problem with the online ordering system.

Please send us an e-mail with your phone number, and we’ll call you to complete the transaction.


For further questions please contact us at: contact@innoclip.com