Customer Testimonials


Sven K., Hamburg GER:
Great product. People often ask me where I got it from.

Andrea L., Bern, CH:
Finally a present that my boyfriend was happy with!

Martina M., Bochum GER:
It’s handy and very easy to use.

Max S., Wien AT:
Fantastic, individually graved with my nickname.

Christine, Erding GER:
This was my fifth order and again everything went well. Thank you very much!

Phillip M., London UK:
Just perfect!

Christian F., Stuttgart GER:
Amazing package, amazing clip, amazing service!

Thomas A., Krakau POL:
That’s simply perfect! My friends one, too.

Werner S., Frankfurt:
I gave my son the InnoClip as a present for Christmas. He is absolutely enthusiastic about it.

Alessandro B., Mailand IT:
Great design!

Andreas T., Zürich CH:
All features are as described in the specifications. I really can recommend it.


No matter where you buy your innoClip, we love to hear your feedback!